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America 'best in the world' for social sciences, according to Times Higher Education World University Rankings

Dominick Reuter via Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)/Facebook


The US has been named the best in the world for providing courses in social sciences, according to the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings top ten list.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has taken the top spot, followed by Stanford and Princeton. Only one non-US institution has featured in the top ten as the UK’s Oxford came in at number four.

Editor of the rankings, Phil Baty, acknowledged America’s stellar performance in the complete top 100 and said: “The US still dominates this table, claiming nine of the top ten spots - and 43 institutions overall - as other countries fail to make a dent in America’s world-class social science base.”

Continental Europe has, again, seen stronger performance this year. Nordic institutions, with universities from Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden all newly ranked in the top 100.

                On Europe’s performance, Baty said: “Part of this reflects methodological improvements, specifically the move from Thomson Reuters’ Web of Science to Elsevier’s larger Scopus database, but it also indicates progress in these countries’ social sciences research, which now has greater international clout.”


                             credit : http://www.independent.co.uk/student/news/america-best-in-the-world-for-social-sciences-according-to-times-higher-education-world-university-a6726966.html


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