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                        According to intensive competition in business in private schools and public schools, the school development is very important. It leads to be the school of excellence. Education reform provides the rapidly development in Thailand education. Many institutes use the innovation in education. It is important the directors need to know the new information in order to improve their school. Moreover, the excursion is another precious experience, the directors will go to visit the best school in the country and will gain the experience for their school. Thus, Learning Research Institute who is the professional institute in education development by using the innovative media for learning , training, human development ,asses and research, public relation. Learning Research Institute is the organization who is full of the academics and expert in education. So, we organize this project for licensees, directors and people.


1. In order to enrich the knowledge such as

        1.1 Strategies of Professional School Management
        1.2 Planning School Management
        1.3 School budget management
        1.4 Strategies of school development
        1.5 Public relation
        1.6 Thinking skill

2. In order to exchange the director’s experience in school management.

3. In order to observe the excellent school and another famous places.

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